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'Gas & Oil Boiler Servicing'

We can carry out service and repair to your existing boiler, we can also check its emissions with a flue gas analyser to check how efficient it is.


'Solar water heating systems'

Free hot water!!!!!

We can install a solar system in your home to suit your family's hot water needs for up to nine months of the year, 

​'High Efficiency Oil & Gas Boiler Installation'

We can advise on the right boiler to suit your heating requirements and also your budget,

A new condensing boiler Could save you up to 35% on your fuel bills !!!!

​'Heating system Healthchecks'

We can call to your home and check over your heating system to identify any problems that there may be, and advise on what can be done.

​'Complete Bathroom renovations'

we can carry out your bathroom renovation looking after everything from design to hanging up your toothbrush holder!!!!

Let us take the stress out of your bathroom makeover.


If you have a problem with your plumbing and heating system we can solve it,

'with over 25 years of experience there is nothing we haven't seen,


Powerflushing will remove sludge and magnetite from your heating system, making it more efficient and prolonging it's lifespan,

'Control your heating ​from your Phone!!!'

We can install a climote heating programmer in your home for €299.00 allowing you to turn on your heating from anywhere, potentially saving you up to €350.00 per year, 

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