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What is Climote?



Climote is an attractive wall-mounted climote HUB that replaces your existing heating controller
climote ONLINE offers you full control from anywhere
climote APP and simple climote SMS allows you control your home heating wherever you are

Use it as you require

When at home, you can simply use climote on your HUB on the wall. Or from any PC or laptop, you will still have full control over your home heating. Even on your Smartphone, you can manage climote using our Smartphone app. And the climote HUB will also take direct commands via text message from any mobile phone.

How it works

The climote HUB is a gateway to your home heating system and can send a receive standard SMS messgaes over the GSM network. Messages are sent to and from the climote HUB from climote online and the smartphone app. Standard mobile phones can also text the climote HUB directly.

Over time climote builds a database of your energy usage and becomes an easy-to-use home energy monitor. The reporting function on climote ONLINE helps you access this data to monitor heating usage and ultimately establish patterns.

Supplied and fitted for €349.00

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